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LED hall lighting


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LED hall lighting

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LED hall lighting

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LED hall lighting

The advantages of the LED?

  • LED technology offers a number of advantages over conventional lamps. LED high bay lights and LED panels save a lot of energy in contrast to old lighting such as fluorescent tubes or HQL lamps.
  • The normal light bulb with E14 or E27 socket has been banned by law for some time. A total ban on conventional lamps with filament, the majority of which convert energy into heat instead of light, will come at some point.

Energy Efficiency

  • But the Energy Efficiency This means saving on electricity costs. LED lamps are by no means the only advantage they have.
  • Because are LED high bay lights or LED industrial spotlights once installed, they are practically maintenance-free. They are operated without a long start-up phase.
  • They are extremely durable for up to 50.000 hours, so that their use saves additional costs.
  • A big disadvantage of Energy saving lamps was the highly toxic mercury. From today's perspective, LED high bay spotlights and other LED lighting do not contain any toxins.

Resistance of LED

  • The shock resistance of LEDs shows another advantage of LEDs, as they are very insensitive to shocks.
  • Thanks to the RGB light-emitting diodes, there is no limit to the variety of colors.
  • From light white to the deepest dark blue (black light), the spectrum of possible colors is huge.
  • Daylight spotlights, whether in warm white or colored, with LEDs everything can be put in the right light.
  • Whether in the production hall or in the Event hall or on Trade Shows, the possible uses and variations are practically unlimited.
  • Even with various repairs In the hall, which is otherwise poorly lit, LED high bay spotlights or industrial spotlights can be set up very quickly and they don't even need a lot of electricity when in use.
  • Of course, LED lamps are also continuously dimmable.
  • Due to the energy efficiency and the variety of possible uses, LED hall lighting is simply unbeatable. All of this shows us that LED has a future and has many advantages

Take a look around at our LED hall lighting and order top-class LED technology today. Because with us you can find everything there is in modern light sources on the market with just a few clicks.

But we not only offer you first-class LED high bay lights, our assembly service also takes care of the installation of your new light sources in an exemplary manner. Incidentally, the abbreviation LED stands for the English expression light emitting diodes or, in English, simply light emitting diodes.

LED lighting technology in halls is simply a "must have"

LED lamps are therefore definitely to be recommended because they not only save a lot of energy, but also resources. An exchange takes place much less often because they are very insensitive and also very durable. They are not additionally covered with glass, as is the case with conventional light sources. They are easy to install and they can also be easily transported from one production site to another. The relatively young semiconductor technology made them possible in the first place and, as far as lighting is concerned, they are the most modern technology available on the market.

According to the current state of the art, there is no energy-saving, modern alternative to LEDs. Its users enjoy professional LED lighting and they are available for many disciplines. Be it for production halls, events or even in traffic. Even our modern one Street lighting is already being converted to LED. The major automobile manufacturers are also using it and are installing LEDs in their newer models. Lights with LED technology are the future and this will spread more and more. Especially in production it comes down to the perfect illumination so LEDs will play an increasingly important role.


LED hall spotlights or generally LED hall lighting in halls is becoming more and more necessary because it is very environmentally friendly, energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free. The annoying replacement of defective lamps is no longer necessary. These are all good reasons to opt for LED high bay spotlights in the hall today. You are overseeing a large project and you need All-round service in terms of LED? Then your tedious search for a competent contact person is already over, because we are happy to assist you with your task. Whether for the smaller hall or for the large industrial park, with LEDs we bring light into the dark for you. Because everything works better with the right light.

LED technology for halls of all kinds

Normal HQL lamps convert most of the energy into heat and only about ten percent of it into light. With LED lamps the percentage ratio is exactly the opposite. Because LED lamps LED high bay lights convert over 90% of the supplied energy into pure light. Based on this comparison, you can get a very good idea of ​​how much energy has been wasted by conventional light sources and what costs this has caused. Nowadays, in the face of climate change and the incipient scarcity of raw materials, we all have to be careful with the available energy economical to deal with. Hence ours special LED Lighting for halls and our LED spotlights for industry are ideally suited to implement the necessary energy savings. In doing so, you not only protect the environment, but also the company's budget.

Good light through LED high bay spotlights is the be-all and end-all nowadays

Perfect light can both generate heat and promote concentrated, good work. The modern and energy-efficient LED technology supports you especially as a LED hall lighting at work. If you are currently building, converting or simply want to convert your existing lighting, then you've come to the right place.

Design your surroundings with light and set accents according to your personal ideas. We offer you a variety of different LED lamps, from LED hall lighting to LED stripes or LED tubes. LED high bay spotlights offer a perfect solution to save costs and get better light. Have a look at our “LED hall lighting”, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here and have your questions clarified.

We are your right contact.

Do you have a question AFTER the order? That is also not a problem for us, just give us a call.

LED hall lighting up to modern LED stripes

Discover a variety of high-quality LED hall lighting or LED lighting as well as individual specialist advice from our service team tailored to your needs. We also offer you modern LED high bay lights through to modern LED stripes.

Our LED hall spotlights are ideal for replacing “old” HQL lamps.