Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods. Simply choose the payment method that is optimal for you. The shipping costs are partly dependent on the chosen payment method. The prices listed in the respective offers represent final prices. They include all price components, including any applicable taxes such as VAT. Only in the case of cross-border delivery may further taxes (e.B. in the case of an intra-Community acquisition) and/or duties (e.B. customs) be payable by you, but not to the seller, but to the customs or tax authorities responsible there. The delivery and shipping costs are not included in the purchase price, they can be accessed via the page "Shipping costs", are shown separately during the ordering process and are to be borne by you in addition.

On account via TEAMFactor (Third Party)
unt holder: TeamFaktor NW GmbH

Credit institution: DZ Bank AG

IBAN: DE62 4006 0000 0000 1139 10


Kto.: 000 1139 10

BLZ: 4006 0000

Credit card via Stripe (third party)

Simply pay by credit card.


Pay even faster and more securely with your PayPal account.

Advance payment

Free shipping within Germany (Except express shipping)

Please transfer the total amount of your order to our account:

Account holder: Robert Ahwerst
Credit institution: solarisBank
IBAN: DE15 1101 0100 2257 5602 30 BIC: SOBKDEBBXXX