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I. Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Basic provisions

(1) The following terms and conditions apply to contracts that you conclude with us as a provider of LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K. via the website www.led-hallenbeleuchtung.com. Unless otherwise agreed, the inclusion of your own conditions may be objected to.

(2) Consumers within the meaning of the following rules shall be any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes which, for the most part, cannot be attributed to either his or her commercial or self-employed professional activity. Entrepreneur is any natural or legal person or legal partnership that acts in the exercise of its independent professional or commercial activity when entering into a legal transaction.

§ 2 Preresult of the contract

(1) The subject of the contract is the sale of goods.

(2) Already with the posting of the respective product on our website, we make you a binding offer to conclude a contract on the terms specified in the article description.

(3) The contract is concluded via the online shopping cart system as follows:
The goods intended for purchase are stored in the "shopping basket". You can use the corresponding button in the navigation bar to access the "shopping basket" and make changes there at any time.
After accessing the "Cashier" page and entering the personal data as well as the payment and shipping conditions, all order data will be displayed again on the order overview page.
If you use an instant payment system (e.B. PayPal / PayPal Express, Amazon-Payments, Sofort), you will either be taken to the order overview page in our online shop or you will first be redirected to the website of the provider of the instant payment system.
If the forwarding to the respective instant payment system is carried out, make the appropriate selection or input of your data there. Finally, you will be redirected back to our online shop on the order overview page.
Before submitting the order, you have the possibility to check all information here again, to change it (also via the function "back" of the internet browser) or to cancel the purchase.
By submitting the order via the "Order for payment" button, you declare the acceptance of the offer legally binding, which results in the contract.

(4) Your requests to prepare an offer are non-binding for you. We will make you a binding offer in text form (e.B. by e-mail), which you can accept within 5 days.

(5) The processing of the order and transmission of all the information required in connection with the conclusion of the contract is partly automated by e-mail. You must therefore ensure that the e-mail address you have stored with us is correct, that the receipt of the e-mails is technically guaranteed and, in particular, that it is not prevented by SPAM filters.

(6) Offers and service descriptionsT
he presentation of the products in the online shop does not constitute a legally binding offer, but an invitation to place an order. Service descriptions in catalogues and on the Seller's websites do not have the character of an assurance or guarantee.
All offers are valid "as long as the stock lasts" unless otherwise stated in the products. For the rest, errors are reserved.

Section 3 Individually designed goods

(1) You provide us with the appropriate information, texts or files required for the individual design of the goods via the online ordering system or by e-mail at the latest immediately after the conclusion of the contract. Our possible requirements for file formats must be observed.

(2) You agree not to transmit any data whose content infringes the rights of third parties (in particular copyrights, naming rights, trademark rights) or violates existing laws. You expressly inscanst us from all claims of third parties asserted in this context. This also applies to the costs of legal representation required in this context.

(3) We do not check the transmitted data for correctness of content and assume no liability for errors in this respect.

Section 4 Right of retention, retention of title

(1) You can only exercise a right of retention if there are claims from the same contractual relationship.

(2) the goods remain our property until the complete payment of the purchase price.

3. If you are an entrepreneur, the following shall also apply:

(a) we reserve the ownership of the goods until the full balance of all claims arising from the ongoing business relationship. A pledge or transfer of security is not permitted before the transfer of ownership of the reserved goods.

(b) you can resell the goods in the ordinary course of business. In this case you assign to us already now all claims in the amount of the invoice, you resulting from the resale, that we accept the cession. You are authorized to collect the claim further. If you don't properly meet your payment obligations, we reserve the right however to collect the claim itself.

(c) in the case of connection and mixing of the reserved goods we shall acquire co-ownership of the new item in the ratio of the invoice value of the reserved goods to the other processed objects at the time of processing.

(d) we undertake to release the securities due to us on your request insofar as the realizable value of our securities exceeds the claims to be secured by more than 10%. The selection of the securities to be released is up to us.

Section 5 Warranty

(1) there are statutory warranty rights.

(2) As a consumer, you are asked to check the item immediately upon delivery for completeness, obvious defects and transport damage and to notify us and the freight forwarder of complaints as soon as possible. If you don't follow up, it doesn't affect your legal warranty claims.

(3) Insofar as you are an entrepreneur, the following shall apply in a different way from the above warranty provisions:

a) Only our own information and the manufacturer's product description shall be deemed to have been agreed as the nature of the item, but not other advertising, public promotions and statements by the manufacturer.

b) In the event of defects, we shall at our discretion provide warranty by rectification or subsequent delivery. The removal of defects fails, you can demand reduction or withdraw from the contract according to your choice. The defect is considered second attempt after unsuccessful failed, if something else arises not from the nature of the thing or the lack or the other circumstances. In the case of rectification, we must take not the increased costs arising from the shipment of the goods to a location other than the place of performance, unless the shipment is not the intended use of the goods.

c) The warranty period is one year from delivery of the goods. The reduction in the deadline does not apply:

– culpable damages attributable to us from injury to life, body or health and in the case of intentional or grossly negligent other damages;– insofar as we have
fraudulently concealed the defect or have assumed a guarantee for the quality of the goods;– in the
case of items which have been used for a building in accordance with their usual use and have caused its defectiveness;– in t
he case of legal claims for recourse; you have against us in connection with defects.

Section 6 Choice of law

(1) German law shall apply. For consumers, this choice of law applies only to the extent that this does not deprive the protection afforded by mandatory provisions of the law of the State of the consumer's habitual residence (principle of favouritism).

(2) The provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the Resale Rights expressly do not apply.

Ii. Customer

1. Identity of the seller

LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K.Unt
er den Linden 2919
079 BanzkowG
hone: 03861/8329000E
-Mail: Service@lfud.de

Commercial register

Schwerin District Court

HRA 4235

Alternative Dispute Resol
ution:The European Commission provides a platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution (OS platform), available under https://ec.europa.eu/odr (https://ec.europa.eu/odr).

§ 7. Information on the achievement of the contract

The technical steps for the conclusion of the contract, the conclusion of the contract itself and the correction options are carried out in accordance with the provisions "Conclusion of the contract" of our General Terms and Conditions (Part I.).

§ 8. Contract language, contract test storage

8.1. Contract language is german .

8.2. We do not store the full text of the contract. Before submitting the order via the online shopping cart system, the contract data can be printed out via the print function of the browser or saved electronically. After receipt of the order with us, the order data, the legally required information for distance contracts and the general terms and conditions will be sent to you again by e-mail.

8.3. In the case of quotation requests outside the online shopping cart system, you will receive all contract data in text form within the scope of a binding offer, e.B. by e-mail, which you can print out or secure electronically.

Section 9 Essential characteristics of the goods or services

The essential characteristics of the goods and/or services can be found in the respective offer.

Section 10 Prices and payment methods

10.1. The prices quoted in the respective offers as well as the shipping costs represent total prices. They include all price components, including all applicable taxes.

10.2. Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price. They are accessible via an appropriately designated button on our website or in the respective offer, are shown separately in the course of the ordering process and are in addition to wear, if not the free shipping is said to you.

10.3. If delivery is made to countries outside the European Union, we may incur additional costs for which we are not responsible, such as.B customs duties, taxes or transfer fees (transfer or exchange rate fees of credit institutions) to be borne by you.

10.4. Any costs incurred for the transfer of funds (transfer or exchange rate fees of credit institutions) shall be borne by you in cases where the delivery is made to an EU Member State but the payment has been initiated outside the European Union.

10.5. The payment methods available to you are shown under a appropriately designated button on our website or in the respective offer.

10.6. Unless otherwise stated in the case of the individual payment methods, the payment claims from the concluded contract are immediately due for payment.

10.7 Costs Advice on site & dimensions

Costs incurred for on-site advice must be paid by the client in the event of non-award of the order.

  • Price per kilometer from business address LFD e.K. = 0.65€ Net per vehicle
  • Daily flat rate from the beginning of the day = 500€ net per employee
  • Cost of accommodation
  • Costs of meals
  • Costs for additional funds needed
  • Costs for additional means of transport
  • Costs for further editions

We reserve the right to assume costs and refer to point 10.7 in our Terms and Group.

No other verbal side agreements will be taken into account.

Section 11 Assembly & Delivery Conditions

11.1. The terms of delivery, the delivery date, as well as, where appropriate, existing supply quota systems see a similarly designated button on our website or in the respective offer.

11.2. As far as you are a consumer, it is regulated by law that the risk of accidental destruction and accidental deterioration of the sold item during the shipment does not pass until the goods are handed over to you, regardless of whether the shipment is insured or Uninsured. This does not apply if you have independently hired a transport company not designated by the entrepreneur or a person otherwise designated to carry out the shipment.

Are done entrepreneur, the delivery and shipment at your risk.

11.3 Assembly is taken over by THE company LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K. Invoicing is the company LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K. and not a sub-company. LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K. cooperates with SUB companies that take over the offered service. Costs and services are agreed with LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K. and are also bound by its terms and conditions. Assembly is carried out by oral and/or written agreement.

If an order is given, LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K. is the company representing the company.

Offers and invoices can be changed and further calculated retrospectively due to additional expenditure or reduced expenditure.

11.4 Additional expenditure/additional material during assembly

  • Additional expenditure & additional material, for example "Laying work incl. material (pipe, holder, pipes, wingel, junction boxes) – flat rate …… Meter" refers to the cost of the specified/offered meter number, which is written down as a flat rate and not to the entire construction project.
  • "Flat rate" = fixed price for, for example, "flat rate" for 100 meters of line laying and from the 101 meter an additional expense / additional costs is calculated
  • additional power and material is calculated retrospectively on the basis of the material per piece or meter price.
  • "Packages" in quotations and invoices are only the first guideline and do not take into account the actual effort or the required material.
  • an additional additional effort / additional material is visible in the work process and additionally calculated.
  • Each item or meter is charged additionally.

11.5 Demolition – Disassembly

  • Normally, the demolition of lamps and other parts is calculated or included in the "Assembly and/or installation costs" section.
  • Since there can be increased effort in the workflow, due to hidden screws/holders, etc., this can only be calculated with additional costs. We reserve this right.

Section 12 Reservatio
n of titleUntil full payment, the delivered goods remain the property of the Seller.

Section 13 Statutory Liability for Defects

Liability for defects is governed by the "Guarantee" regulation in our General Terms and Conditions (Part I). The warranty is determined in accordance with legal regulations.

Section 13Liability

13.1. The following disclaimers and limitations of liability apply to the Seller's liability for damages, without prejudice to the other legal requirements of the claim.

13.2. The Seller shall be liable without limitation insofar as the cause of the damage is based on intent or gross negligence.

13.3. Furthermore, the Seller is liable for the slightly negligent breach of essential obligations, the violation of which jeopardises the achievement of the purpose of the contract, or for the breach of obligations, the fulfilment of which the proper performance of the contract in the first place. and the customer regularly trusts in their compliance. In this case, however, the seller is only liable for the foreseeable damage typical of the contract. The Seller shall not be liable for the slightly negligent breach of obligations other than those specified in the preceding sentences.

13.4. The above limitations of liability do not apply in the event of injury to life, body and health, a defect after taking over a guarantee for the quality of the product and in the case of fraudulently concealed defects. Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

13.5. Insofar as the seller's liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of employees, representatives and vicarious agents.

13.6 We only cover the costs of collection, repair and shipping.

Other costs (e.g. assembly, disassembly, data backup, etc.) are not reimbursed by us.

Section 14 Warranty Declaration

14.1. General

The company LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K.: Unter den Linden 29, 19079 Banzkow, in Germany. The statement "LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K.", "us" or "we" in the following declaration provides any private and commercial customer with a guarantee against material or manufacturing defects under the following conditions.

<h5>The statutory warranty remains unaffected by the warranty to the full extent.</h5>

14.2.Prerequisite for the warranty

If a defect occurs within the said period, the customer must report the defect in writing as soon as possible to "Service@LFUD.de or via our "contact form", we will contact the customer. We will therefore guarantee our service, there are no side telephone arrangements.

Please always provide your order number and/or invoice number.

If you have not purchased the product directly from us, please contact the retailer from which you purchased the product.

14.3. Warranty period

The warranty period is separately in the Properties section for each product.

The warranty period starts on the day of purchase by the consumer.

The warranty is valid in Europe.

14.4. Warranty

In the event of a warranty, we decide independently or sometimes after consultation with the manufacturer whether the product will be sent to us and the defect will be rectified by a free repair or the customer will receive a replacement product free of charge.

We only cover the costs of collection, repair and shipping. Other costs (e.g. assembly, disassembly, data backup, etc.) are not reimbursed by us.

14.5. No warranty case

Expressly excluded from the warranty are damages caused by

– improper or misappropriated handling of the product, or

– incorrect installation or incorrect mains voltage, or

– voltage fluctuations, or

– at depth or too high ambient temperature that applies to this product, or

– modifications or other modifications, or

– Natural damage (e.B. lightning strike, water, fire)

have arisen.

Oral ancillary agreements are deemed to be devoid of purpose and are not taken into account.

14.6. We only cover the costs of collection, repair and shipping.

Other costs (e.g. assembly, disassembly, data backup, etc.) are not reimbursed by us.

Section 15 Storage of the text of the contra
ct15.1. The customer can print the contract text before placing the order to the seller by using the printing function of his browser in the last step of the order.

Section 16 Final Provision

16.1. The place of jurisdiction and place of performance is the registered office of the seller if the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law.

16.2. Contract language is German.

16.3 Any agreements and hints outside these provisions are not.

All further information requires written consent from the company LFD – LED Technik, Facility Management & Services e.K.


Place of jurisdiction: Schwerin District Court


All information is without guarantee.


This terms and conditions and customer information have been prepared by the lawyers of the dealer association, which specialise in IT law, and are constantly checked for legal compliance. The dealer association Management AG guarantees the legal certainty of the texts and is liable in the event of warnings. For more information, please visit: https://www.haendlerbund.de/agb-service (https://www.haendlerbund.de/agb-service).

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